From Azita Rasi and Persia, With Love


Recently I was introduced to a new and deliciously different series of children’s picture books. What sets these books apart are not only their top-notch illustrations, mostly award winners, but also their refreshingly unique stories that are excellent translations and adaptations. If you have young children or if you’re interested in sampling perhaps unfamiliar aspects of the rich Persian culture, you’ll certainly treasure these books.


Newly established by a devoted husband and wife in London who are assisted by a veteran editor in Tehran, Tiny Owl is the publishing house that is successfully carrying out the project of presenting the best that Persia has to offer in the field of children’s books to the English-speaking audience. Take a look at their 2015 collection and you’ll find brilliant stories with spectacular illustrations published as elegant books that any literary connoisseur will be happy to add to their bookshelves. Their stories can go as far back as Rumi’s fables or represent contemporary Persia as in the tales by Behrangi.


To find out more about the books and their publisher, go to:
Twitter: @tinyowl_books
Instagram: tiny_owl_publishing

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