Hello, Tarantula

As many of you know, I started writing seriously while an undergrad at SDSU writing poetry, a lot of it LOVE POETRY. (If you were at one of my school visits, you’d hear a resounding EEEWWWWW! at the mention of that.) Much of that work was published in poetry journals here, there, and yonder. I continue to dabble in the genre, cranking out haiku, small poems, and longer ones, too, about this and that and the other. Mostly, these are for my own benefit. While a few of them have been submitted and accepted for publication, most of them are brain exercises (or word play) meant to get me in the right frame of mind to tackle other writing projects (and to stave off dementia for as long as possible). Herewith is one I concocted while stumbling out the door with El Dog for his EARLY morning walk:

Hello, Tarantula

Hello, Tarantula, on the floor,

Let me show you to the door.

© Larry Dane Brimner, All rights reserved.

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