The Rain Wizard: The Amazing, Mysterious, True Life of Charles Mallory Hatfield

June 1, 2015 Booklist review, STARRED:

“Most kids have never heard of Charles Mallory Hatfield, but this fascinating biography will help remedy that. . . . Using a top-secret mix of chemicals, Hatfield traveled the country at the turn of the last century, drawing rain from the skies with remarkable success. . . . Because Hatfield was secretive, the book is more about events and results than the man and his methods–but with such noteworthy results, this works very well. The book’s design is a standout, with intriguing historical photos filling the pages and a typeface that makes this invitingly easy to read. The only disappointment is never learning whether Hatfield’s success came from secret formulas or serendipity, as the controversy rages on. Budding scientists may well take this as a challenge to find out more.”

Thank you, Ilene Cooper, for this wonderful review. I have known about Hatfield for much of my life and have wanted to write about him. My first thought was to do it as an I-Can-Read type of book, but then I thought upper elementary youngsters would find the whole concept of rain-making of interest, especially in these days of drought. Reviews like this provide me with encouragement to continue telling these REAL stories.

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