My first Word of the Month post, inspired by poet David L. Harrison, was FLAVOR. I chose it because “sabor,” in Spanish, means taste or flavor, and it is part of the title of this blog site. Cooking flavorful dishes has long been an avocation of mine and, from time to time, I post recipes I’ve tried, modified, and liked here among my usual writing posts. At any rate, I decided it wasn’t fair to encourage you to write a poem using the word or concept of flavor unless I tried it myself and posted it in the comment section. What I found interesting was that that quick sketch of a poem gave me something to tinker with over the next few days and I was able to revise it into something that satisfied me. Not only that, but in the revision of it, I was led to another poem. Why not try your hand at using this month’s word, or the concept of that word, in a poem of your own and post it in the comments below. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Because here in Tucson we are well into our warm season and anticipating the monsoon to arrive any day now, this month’s word is SUMMER. Have fun with it.


At last, it’s June.


Up and

into cool, cool


Ahhhh, summer!

© Larry Dane Brimner. All rights reserved.

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