Shut Up

Lesa Cline-Ransome offers sage advice about choosing the right word and the philosophy of less is more.


No one has ever accused me of biting my tongue.  No one has ever said to me, You should really speak your mind.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard, Spit it out Lesa.  My mouth is my greatest asset and also my biggest foe.

As a writerBlahlarge of picture books, selecting just the right words is crucial to telling a strong yet concise story.  The picture book writer can have  many jobs—create a narrative, teach a lesson, share a piece of history, connect the past to the present, make a reader laugh, highlight illustrations, share the power and beauty of language.  All this in 32 pages.  So the temptation to write more often persists.

In debates with friends, I need to offer just one more thought.  With my husband, I need to argue just one more point.  With my kids, I need to share just one more piece…

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