The Fab Four

The Fab Four, a.k.a. The Beatles, seem to be having another surge of popularity. The Beatles were Fab (and They were Funny) by Krull and Brewer seemed to lead this new wave. Now Susanna Reich gives us Fab Four Friends. Whether it was because of my ninth grade-Spanish teacher, Mr. Leeway, referring to my Beatle boots as “fruit boots” or something else, I never got into their music. I liked their “look,” just not the music. It always struck me as being slightly off-key, repetitive, and grating. My tastes ran more to Gladys Knight and the Pips, the Supremes, and the Commodores. But if the band resonates with you, then here are two books you should add to your collection. The Nonfiction Detectives will tell you all about Reich’s new tome:

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