The countdown is over. TODAY is the official birth day (the official release) of THE RAIN WIZARD: THE AMAZING, MYSTERIOUS, TRUE LIFE OF CHARLES MALLORY HATFIELD. It is launched. With recent drought still in their minds in December 1915, city fathers in San Diego, California, hired Hatfield, a legendary rainmaker, to make heaven shed its tears. He got to work right away with his secret combination of some 23 chemicals. When the skies responded in January 1916, it wasn’t long until city leaders were wishing Hatfield would make the rain stop. Did he, and did he collect the $10,000 the city promised to pay him if he succeeded in bringing rain to the county?

Places Hatfield worked and “brought” rain or those with a Hatfield connection: California (north and south), Canada (Yukon Territory and Medicine Hat), Texas (San Angelo), Honduras, Minnesota (Minneapolis), and Kansas (Fort Scott).

His name is Hatfield–

Just simply Hatfield!

The only name that Californians speak,

Oh, Mister Hatfield,

Here’s to you, Hatfield–

God bless you for that thankful heavenly leak!

Booklist, in a STARRED review called it a “fascinating biography” and went on to say, “The book’s design is a standout, with intriguing historical photos filling the pages and a typeface that makes this invitingly easy to read.”

About THE RAIN WIZARD, School Library Journal said in a STARRED review , “This well-written and attractive book, with its many double-page period photos includes much detail . . .. A well- designed, impeccably researched work.”

“An engaging, intriguing story of a fascinating man.” —Kirkus Reviews 


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