I am thinking about technology today, and the way it has changed. I am old enough to remember when a Rolodex was the newest, whizbang device to land on people’s desks. Recently, though, one of my good friends commented that she was editing her Rolodex and discarding cards of friends and associates who were no longer with us. When I edited my Rolodex a few years ago, I kept cards for people I telephone only occasionally (or perhaps not at all, but may send a note to from time to time). I discarded the Rolodex cards of those I telephone routinely or who telephone me routinely, and of those no longer hanging out on this raft we call Earth. The information about contacts I speak to fairly often was loaded into my phone. This is all good and great except when . . . traveling . . . and you want to send something to someone NOT in your phone and your Rolodex (with its fewer than a dozen cards) is several hundred miles away in another state at the bottom of a desk drawer. Since the friend who edited her Rolodex and I see each other at lunch and communicate daily on FB and (less frequently) via email, her information never made it to my phone. Today, I had to ask her via FB for her mailing address.

Technology is great, when it’s kept current and up-to-date.


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