A WONDERFUL REVIEW of The Rain Wizard from an anonymous reader via Amazon. Thank you for the kind words, recommendation, and five stars–so very much appreciated. Herewith the review:

“When I was a little kid there were still people alive who remembered this affair as well as actually experienced it. … But as time went by the Hatfield story got changed, altered, and finally forgotten. In this modern time of a gripping California drought, one thinks about Hatfield and his powers now and then and wonders what was true and what was fantasy. So I was happy to find this short but thorough ebook about San Diego County’s great flood tragedy. It’s straight ahead with the facts, great pictures, and even touches on the legal pitfalls that await rainmakers and those that would hire them. If you have ever wondered why you don’t hear about rainmaking being used to break droughts in these modern times, I would refer you to read this as a cautionary tale and learn that it is not always beneficial to receive what you wish for.”


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