As I type this, it is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (the Saturday immediately following Thanksgiving). But why should Small Business Saturday be limited to one day only? Shop local. Shop small. And please remember that I am a small–okay, really small–business, as are most other writers and illustrators. Books make wonderful gifts for the young readers in your life. If you want to help me keep a roof over my head and food on my table, you can purchase a copy of MERRY CHRISTMAS, OLD ARMADILLO (or one of my other titles) from your local, independent bookseller (or online).


A few titles that may strike the fancy of your young reader: SUBWAY: THE STORY OF TUNNELS, TUBES, AND TRACKS (grades 3+); CATS! (grades K-1); COWBOY UP! (grades K-1); DINOSAURS DANCE (grades K-1); HOW MANY ANTS? (grades K-1); FIREHOUSE SAL (grades K-1); THE RAIN WIZARD: THE AMAZING, MYSTERIOUS, TRUE STORY OF CHARLES MALLORY HATFIELD (grades 4+, about the art of making rain); STRIKE!: THE FARM WORKERS’ FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS (grades 6+, about the Filipino grape strike of 1965 and Cesar Chavez’s rise); Sibert Honor Book BLACK & WHITE (grades 5+, about Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth’s confrontation with Alabama’s Bull Connor); BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY (grades 4+, about the tragic Sunday the KKK bombed the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama), or WE ARE ONE: THE STORY OF BAYARD RUSTIN (grades 4+, a biography of this great civil rights pioneer).




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