IN this morning’s email is a note from my broker telling me that my “Gain/Loss Report” for the year is now available online. With the world glut of oil, a weak economy in China, and political instability all around, I wonder why they don’t call it what it really is: A LOSS REPORT. This is why I’m so dead-set against the privatization of Social Security–you’d be at the whimsical mercy of Wall Street and world economies, and retirement would soon become a thing of archives (and I know a thing or many about archives). At this rate, I’ll be writing and teaching until my computer and I fall off this rickety raft.

Along this continuing-to-work theme, I’ve been thinking about doing a Nonfiction Bootcamp for the Founders’ Workshops run by the Highlights Foundation. I’ve done other workshops for them at The Barn near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, in 2012, 2013, and 2015, and even before there was a barn. I was also a regular every other year at its Writers’ Workshop at Chautauqua in Chautauqua, New York. It’s always nice to get away for a few days to share ideas, think without the distractions of television or the outside world, learn from each other, write, and be with like-minded artsy-writerly-types, all while somebody else does the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance. I know several of you have asked me to do an online workshop or small-group bootcamp in my home, but how many of you think a Founders’ Workshop would be a good idea and might consider attending? I’ll let y’all know what I come up with.

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