Speed dating at the conference of the California School Library Association turned out not to be as traumatic as I thought. Virginia Loh-Hagan set it up with an excellent ice-breaker–a bingo-type sheet that encouraged participants to approach authors with various questions or tasks: take a picture with, purchase a book and get it autographed, what is your favorite breakfast food, etc. It immediately gave us shy types something to talk about. Best of all, people who managed to fill a line across or down or even diagonally won some excellent prizes. I’d do it again . . . but not right away. Seriously, the conference was fun. The bonus was getting to reacquaint myself with Gretchen Benson, formerly known as the librarian at Central Union High School where I taught writing in another life. Called out of retirement, she’s still librarian-ing. Maybe I should contact the school to see if they’d like to call me out of retirement to teach writing again.

On the book front, I’m busy researching/writing/researching/rewriting something new. Thus far, the people who hold a lot of the original documents I want/need haven’t been very cooperative but if I can locate a physical address, I’ll send them a sample of what it is I do in the hope that it will stimulate them to share. If not, I’ll have to go the Freedom of Information route, which will take far more time than I have.

Keep writing!

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