By my calendar, it’s August 22 and students and their teachers are headed back to school or will be in the next couple of weeks. In Tucson, some systems returned on August 1. I took some time off from my blog/journal this summer to dive into my current writing project–a continuation of my look into injustice in America and the suspension of Constitutional rights. It’s such a fascinating topic, and unfortunately it has a long and checkered history.

I also want to remind you that as we begin a new school year, I am available for school visits–in any of the 50 states and abroad in DOD and International schools. From “Everyone Has a Story,” which focuses on the five-step writing process for grades K (Pre-K) to 6; to “Protests and Boycotts: The Fight for Dignity and Freedom,” which explores the African-Americans’ and farm workers’ struggles during the 1960s; to “Diving In: Research, a.k.a., Snooping In People’s Drawers,” which might also be called how a writer finds his facts; to writing workshops on everything from poetry to adding spark to your students’ writing–I enjoy working with young people to plant seeds of imagination and to offer them tools to improve their writing. A teacher for twenty years and a “writing specialist” and “teacher-trainer” in my school system, my programs are geared to the age of the audience. You can find out more at my website under the “School Visit” tab:



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