Halloween isn’t a tradition in Mexico because it occurs at the same time as Los Dias de los Muertos (The Days of the Dead). But in those places where it is celebrated, instead of saying “Trick or treat,” children call “¡Queremos Halloween!”

One Halloween, Old Armadillo paused outside his casita to listen to the rattle-clack of the wooden esqueleto as it danced against his gate in the evening breeze. The crisp scent of pine hung in the air. From the tiny village of Santa Rosa in the valley below rose the sound of children’s laughter as they scampered from door to door calling, “¡Queremos Halloween!” Then, pulling a rusty wagon piled high with jack-o’-lanterns, he shuffled down his walkway, stopping here and there to place a few of them at the edges of the flagstones. –From Trick or Treat, Old Armadillo.

Happy Haunting, Everyone!


He who enters this

House of Horrors

shall not return.

(Or so sweet Violet told me.)

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