WE used the weekend after Thanksgiving to see the movie, Loving, because it’s the topic of my next book. It is brilliantly acted by Joel Edgerton as Richard Loving and Ruth Negga as his wife, Mildred. The movie portrays the poverty of the rural South with accuracy, while Edgerton captures Richard’s rather shy way of interacting with the world. He is man most comfortable among his black friends. Negga gives a powerful and Oscar-worthy performance as the woman who makes contact with Bobby Kennedy to eventually strike down laws barring marriage between races. It is rare anymore for an audience to break out in applause at the end of a film, but this is exactly what happened. But as J. pointed out, in a theater that holds 100 to 150 movie-going folk, it was “disappointing not to see any African Americans among them.” I hope this changes, because it’s a movie well-worth seeing by everyone.

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