Reviewers have noted that my nonfiction is well researched, and I do spend a lot of time reading memoirs, letters, diaries, and other books about my topic. But there’s another step in my “process.” Yes, I have an eagle-eyed editor and copy editor who go over my work, and I’m grateful to them. Long before they receive it, however, I send an early draft of my manuscript out to an expert reader for comments and corrections, and to get feedback on the general flavor of a project. This morning in the wee hours, the expert reader for my 2018 title responded with her comments. In this case, the expert reader is a film historian and while her comments are generally positive, she offers much to consider as I sit down to revise the work in progress. Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes to help me find my focus. And so, positive comments aside, it’s back to the drawing board . . . or computer, as the case may be.

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