Yesterday was the day of internet fear! Not so here. I turned on my computer as usual, I ran off to Superior Court to collect some information. Superior Court forgot to turn in my request for information, so it wasn’t ready. I paid another $20 and waited while they placed the call to retrieve it from wherever ancient records are kept. (They call it “Iron Mountain.”) They tell me it will take three to five days for them to receive it. This is interesting, because I will be here only another three to five days. I cross my fingers. Back in my space, I continued working on the second of two proposals I’ve promised my editor. By 4:00, it was finished and I hit save. Now I usually simultaneously save my work to the cloud, but I hadn’t eaten all day. I was hungry. Darn those hunger pangs! I had some al dente carrots and broccoli and returned to my computer to save a copy of the proposal to the cloud. Error! File does not exist! Corrupt file! Okay, my system wasn’t corrupted by the malware bug going around, but still. I was less than happy.

On the bright side, I was able to retrieve MOST of the proposal, or at least the part that is the most difficult to write. Today I will finish the proposal for the second time, then off it will go. Technology is great, until it isn’t.

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