HELLO, Friends. One of the delights of writing books for young people comes in the form of postcards, notes, and letters from the “fans”–the readers of my books. Sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, always appreciated. When I visit a school, I usually like to leave behind a trinket or two for those who have been kind and helpful. This year I’ve taken to leaving behind a heart with wings. Made by friend and ceramic artist Laurie Adams, they are a reminder to pay it forward. When I distribute them, I always ask the recipients to pass them on when they notice somebody being kind. Today I received three notecards from a kindergarten class I visited recently. I’d like to share them with you.

Dear Mr. Brimner,

I love all of your books. I hope you have fun making them. Thank you from my heart for the heart. It is so special to me.

Your friend,

Dear Mr. Brimner,

I would like to give you a present. I would like to give you a rainbow to give you happiness. I would like to give you a heart to thank you for the heart.

Your friend,

Dear Mr. Brimner,

I like your outfit. I like the heart with wings you gave me for being kind. I like your glasses.

Your friend,

Sometimes kids send me original stories. What struck me about the one I’m about to share with you is how sharply it defines the human condition. In a sense, it is sad that it isn’t more hopeful. It is called . . .


Once there was a rainbow and it was really bright.

A leprechaun was at the other end of it.

A human walked by and tried to find some gold from the leprechaun.

The leprechaun found and hid his gold.

The leprechaun tried to hide his gold in his house, but the human found the house and stole all of the leprechaun’s gold.

The End.

Be kind to one another, friends.

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