AS WE ROLL INTO 2018, I want to pass on a bit of advice that has sustained me for over 30 years in this business: MAKE A GOAL LIST AT THE START OF EACH YEAR. This is something I routinely do, and it’s important to post it in a place where you’ll see it every day when you go to your writing space. Mine is posted on a magnetic board above my computer. The list doesn’t have to be long, or even all that specific. It just has to be present to remind you of what you hope to accomplish during the year. The one I posted for 2017 had only three items on it. It also isn’t imperative that you complete each item on your list. Of the three items on my 2017 list, I accomplished only one. But I also accomplished a couple of things not on the list, so that was a plus. At the end of the year, I rejoice in those things I achieved and evaluate the ones I did not. Do I still think they’re important enough to roll over to 2018? Maybe. Maybe not.



NEWS BULLETIN JUST IN: TWELVE DAYS IN MAY (9781629795867) has been selected as a Top 10 Diverse Book for Middle-Grade and Older readers by Booklist. This news will appear in the February Booklist issue.

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