IT’S JUNE, AND THINGS ARE BUSY HERE AT LA CASA DE LOS CUENTOS. To begin with, I’m making preparations to attend the the annual meeting of the American Library Association in New Orleans, Louisiana, to receive the Robert F. Sibert Medal for Twelve Days in May: Freedom Ride 1961. If I remember to take any pictures, I post them in the future. Right now there’s a speech to rehearse, a wardrobe to decide on, and some meditation and hypnosis sessions to get over my nerves. When I’m not doing that, I’m reading through dozens of letters sent to me by the California children I visited during the last week of April. Sometimes their letters make me weep, but other times they bring smiles and laughter. They help explain why I think author visits are important and why I still do them Below, you’ll find a sampling:

(This one opened with a “hook” or “teaser” and followed on a second page.) “Eduardo just met his hero. How does he thank him? Read to find out. (p. 2) You inspired me to do my best work. I will never forget the moment I asked you where you met your editor and you told me how to find one. –Sincerely, Eduardo”

“When I meet pepole [sic] your age, they’re not funny. You are and that is good. –Love, Maxine”

“You look just like my grandpa. As a matter of fact, I think of you as my grandpa. You are a funny author and kind, but when the other authors come they are mean to us. Not you. You are nice and funny, even a little goofy. –Sincerely, Erik”

And one that tugged at the heartstrings:

“Thank you for inspiring us to become professional authors. Maybe one day I will be writing stories and going to schools and telling them my stories just like you. –Love, Aritza”

That’s a wrap for this month.


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