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Faye Gibbons, an Old Armadillo, and Me

Writer Faye Gibbons, author of Halley, commented this week on a book I wrote some twenty years ago–MERRY CHRISTMAS, OLD ARMADILLO. This is an especially meaningful story to me because it’s, in part, about my grandfather, Abbott Hugh Blair. Moreover, it’s about any elderly person hoping for companionship, friendship, and love during the holidays, or at any time at all. Thank you, Faye, for featuring my book.

If you are not familiar with MERRY CHRISTMAS, OLD ARMADILLO, this will give you some insight into what it’s about.


Featuring Melanie Hope Greenberg

Melanie knows, probably better than most, how to get the most mileage out of a title. Thanks, MerMel, for your insight during my workshop…and beyond.

Children's Author David L. Harrison's Blog

Hi everyone,

During workshop, “Getting the Gigs,” accepted his invitation to address the group about marketing. And during my Skype session about blogging, Melanie, ever the artist, sketched the scene.

I was taken by the sketch and asked Melanie if she would provide me with more information about herself as well as a few remarks about her own experience at the workshop. I’m glad she agreed! If you haven’t met Melanie, you are about to wonder why you never have. Melanie, it’s a pleasure. Thank you.
Author Larry Dane Brimner contacted me to present at his ‘Getting The Gigs’ marketing workshops for the Highlights Foundation. I was blown away by Larry’s offer because my marketing research includes industry articles he wrote. I was so lucky to be able to sit in on various sessions with the wonderful faculty Larry developed. No matter how long one has been in publishing…

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A Challenge



Finding Your Childlike Wonder by Donna Galanti



My rodeo book from long ago (and still selling like hotcakes) years later. What a hoot!


Faye Gibbons Gone Strollicking

If you haven’t read the blog of Faye Gibbons, you need to. It’s a hoot and a holler, and a whole bunch of country fun. Faye is one of the best writers I know. Take a strollick and discover this talented writer.


Did Your Book Go Out of Print? Take a lesson From Author/Illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg.

An excellent article about OP books and what you can do with them. Melanie not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.



Having been in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, NY last year during the crazy busy Mermaid Parade, I was interested when I received an e-mail about a writing course being taught by Melanie Hope Greenberg, author of the book Mermaids on Parade. I proceeded to find out more about Melanie and thought her story important to share with our Writers’ Rumpus readers.

CAROL GORDON EKSTER:  So tell us how you dealt with the disheartening news of your book going out of print 18 months after release and what you did to turn things around.

MELANIE HOPE GREENBERG: I’m in book publishing long enough to have experienced first hand that many books go out of print (OP). Few rise to the top and/or can stay afloat during varying tides of fashion and regimes. I had gone through this procedure before when MERMAIDS ON PARADE went OP and so had…

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From Azita Rasi and Persia, With Love


Recently I was introduced to a new and deliciously different series of children’s picture books. What sets these books apart are not only their top-notch illustrations, mostly award winners, but also their refreshingly unique stories that are excellent translations and adaptations. If you have young children or if you’re interested in sampling perhaps unfamiliar aspects of the rich Persian culture, you’ll certainly treasure these books.


Newly established by a devoted husband and wife in London who are assisted by a veteran editor in Tehran, Tiny Owl is the publishing house that is successfully carrying out the project of presenting the best that Persia has to offer in the field of children’s books to the English-speaking audience. Take a look at their 2015 collection and you’ll find brilliant stories with spectacular illustrations published as elegant books that any literary connoisseur will be happy to add to their bookshelves. Their stories can go as far back as Rumi’s fables or represent contemporary Persia as in the tales by Behrangi.


To find out more about the books and their publisher, go to:

Twitter: @tinyowl_books
Instagram: tiny_owl_publishing

The Miss Rumphius Effect

For those of you interested in poetry and poetic forms (and that should be everyone), here’s a blog for you:


Lee Bennett Hopkins

Via Reading Rockets, Lee talks poetry.